A terrifying statistic of 90% of Americans develop high blood pressure at some point in their adult lives. Research has shown that sodium has a direct correlation to this issue. High blood pressure can lead to heart disease, strokes, heart failure, and kidney disease. Doctors will normally prescribe medications for this danger, but you might not have to settle for that. Studies show that 76% of people with high blood pressure were able to discontinue their medications or significantly reduce it by changing their lifestyle. These changes included losing weight, exercising regularly, limiting alcohol, limiting salt, and consuming more plants. For every 2.5 pounds a person loses, their blood pressure drops by one point. You can lose weight by simply eating more plants than processed foods. Processed foods are high in sodium, but plants are high in potassium which lowers blood pressure. They are also high in fiber and low in salt. Animal-based foods like dairy and meat contribute to high blood pressure. It is hard to develop a new lifestyle but it is possible. If you are someone who suffers from high blood pressure, you do not have to be part of the statistics and it is possible to reverse this issue. To consult a dietician about making such diet changes, please contact 856-440-DIET (3438) or comfortnutrition@gmail.com. Stay healthy this August and enjoy the weather as summer comes to a close soon!



Jenna Valentine

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